I7 Bluetooth i7S mini headphones binaural wireless audio with charging base TWS headset i7S Bluetooth headset sp


(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3IPD3XbkpE)This is the website of the headset Bluetooth connection method, please check and watch it carefully!!!!!!!
Transmission range: 10 meters
Function: battery display, voice control, call function, support music, multi-point connection
Channel: Stereo
How to use : Earbuds
Whether single or both ears: bilateral stereo
Wireless binaural music Bluetooth earphone
Weight: 100 g / full set
Display: ISO system battery display
Link: You can link two Bluetooth devices at the same time

Bluetooth version: V5.0

Play music / talk time: about 30-50 minutes

Standby time: about 50 hours

Battery type: rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Function: fast charging, HD call
Voice: full English
two i7 TWS wireless independent Bluetooth earphone, charging cable, Chinese and English manual, cover packaging
Charging stand: 500 mAh, available for earphone charger 4-5 times!
Single ear Full weight: 52g     Size:  8*8*4
To the ear Full set weigh:t 88g     Size: 13*8*4.3
Charging bin Full set of weight :109g     Size: 10*10*3.5
Pairing mode: 
Press two machines at the same time, long press the blue light flashing is the normal pairing mode, do not release after turn on, continue to press three seconds to alternate red and blue light
When flashing,release the hand, then press the right button twice to enter the binaural pairing state. After the pairing of the ears is successful, the left ear indicator lights up slowly and the blue light flashes slowly.
Button function: 
long press to turn on, long press to shut down, click music pause / play / call answer / hang up
Charging tips:
Headphone charging indicator: The earphone charging red light is on, the battery turns blue when it is full.
Prompt tone:
Boot prompt: power on
Shutdown prompt: power off
Pairing status prompt: pairing
Connection Tip: Your headset is connected
Disconnected prompt: your headset is disconnected
Low battery prompt: low batteryI7-Bluetooth-i7S-Mini-Earphone-Dual-ear-wireless-stereo-With-Charging-Bin-TWS-To-Ear-i7S.jpg_640x640 (2)23491213I7-Bluetooth-i7S-Mini-Earphone-Dual-ear-wireless-stereo-With-Charging-Bin-TWS-To-Ear-i7S.jpg_640x640 (1)HTB1P_e8X5rxK1RkHFCcq6AQCVXafHTB1LsPdX5jrK1RjSsplq6xHmVXaKHTB17lC.X._rK1Rjy0Fcq6zEvVXaLHTB1Zy6fX.rrK1RkSne1q6ArVVXaOHTB1CVnhX6nuK1RkSmFPq6AuzFXa9HTB1KDi8X5rxK1RkHFCcq6AQCVXaW

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