Music Master 108mm E1000I 60 Ohms Planar Hand Made Plate Wooden Hifi Audiophile Headphones Headset PK Z1R LCD4 Stellia Susvara


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This product purple sandalwood production,It weighs about 635 grams!


Tenth anniversary 108MM plate driving unit Dragon defined, the whole hand-made violet sandalwood, leather outer protein cotton filling scalp {}, 120MM sheepskin ramp earmuff, sixteen shares 8 8 plus silver mixed single crystal copper wire, magnetic shielding, outsourcing nylon meshShock!


Σ1000I sense of hearing: a density higher violet sandalwood producing harder, Germany SOMMER wire plug using the same balancing head based on the configuration of E1000, Germany WBT silver soldering, manual 120MM sheepskin cap, a single piece unit harsh pairing.For old burn, burn heavy product research and development, in line with the old tuning burning sense of hearing, not to sound amazing to be able, seek loose, seeking peace, such as micro-speakers hanging in the ear, calm atmosphere, soothing relaxation, his right.


Σ1000I60 European version, due to the need to draw a line diaphragm mold to produce the high mold costs, so the price is higher than 60 European version of the 40 European editions, please understand!


Brand MUSIC MASTER / musicians

Model Σ1000I

Weight of about 635 g

Categories open circumaural

Film thickness 11μ {m}

Unit type planar magnet

Magnet array dual fluxor magnet

Neodymium magnet type

Cell size 108mm {diaphragm area 92MM}

Power carrying capacity 6W

Frequency response 5Hz – 20kHz extended out to 50kHz


Impedance 60 Ohms


Requirements for power 1-5W


product description:


  • 108mm driving unit (acoustic widened and flat, experience a more natural sound)


  • 11μ plane diaphragm (high frequency range 120kHz to achieve sound reproduction. )


  • The back of the grid mask (aperture balanced, high hardness, a smooth air flow relief)


  • rgonomic 120mm sheepskin ear pad (soft touch, comfortable to wear.)


  • Leather headband (durable soft and comfortable to wear)


  • Sense of hearing: Atmospheric balanced sound field broad, clear voice, sounds fine, clear imaging, black background quiet, precise positioning, high-frequency extension natural air feeling in feet.


  • Suitable for the type of music: big establishment, classical, vocal, pop, folk, light music.


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